About George E. Darsey & Co. AKA Darseys Furniture

Serving East Texas Since 1886, The Darsey Family has been in the retail business for 4 generations.

Darseys Original Building

True Grit weathers the storm, I can safely say that it takes a lot to run a family business, it takes a lot more when bad things happen.

May 2009 we lost one of our prized possessions to a Tornado, it was a tragic day but one of determination to keep on going.  This was not just a building it was my Great Grand Fathers safe haven from the fire of 1913, see he built this building almost a hundred years before it was lost and it was built because he had lost everything he had to fire.  It was also important because it was where my wife Tonya and I started to really prosper in the business.

Darsey Warehouse

About fourty five minutes after the storm, and full of recliners, mattress and a truck load of bedroom furniture.  The large delivery trailer was in the side building and it was almost caved in, I remember the Grapeland Fire Dept help hold up the roof so I could get it out.  

New beginings don’t come easy or cheap, we had a decision to make, build another warehouse or a brand new showroom.

Personally I was unsure about the direction to go, it would take all of our savings and MORE.  That is why I am glad I married the woman I did , as usual she set me straight and we bagan construction on the new Darseys Furniture Showroom.  You see Tonya said it was for our future and the future of our children and the future of our community.  She pointed out that almost a hundred years ago my Great Grand Father George E. Darsey Sr. started over from nothing but faith.  Almost ONE HUNDRED YEARS to the dot, tragedy had struct and we had to pick up and keep on going.

The new Darseys

The New Darseys Furniture Location! 

We will never forget the morning of the disaster but I will never also forget the morning we opened in our new location.  Bitter Sweet and worth it.  Thanks to a very good woman my wife Tonya Darsey we continued to keep the faith in our business and the fantastic customers we have had for over a hundred and twenty five years.  

We continue to sell the best brand names in the furniture business and have made a lot of life long friends, but if it was not for the customer that keeps on coming back WE WOULD NOT BE HERE!  A man told me just yesterday that he was also a 4th generation in the business, I said oh how so?  He said I am 4th generation customer I was humbled and I thought WOW….So I must take this time to credit to my Wife, Parents, Grand Partent, and my Great Grand Parents, but mostly for over a hundred and twenty five years of dedicated customers that have faithfully kept on coming back.  That is truly humbling.   

Original Cash Register

NCR Cash Register purchased by George E. Darsey Sr. on or around the late 1800’s early 1900’s.


From My Family to Your Family I Say Thank You!

Charley H. Darsey
President George E. Darsey & Co.