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UNIVERSAL One tip on one cord will pretty much charge every device you have! No magnetic pieces to lose and no tethered cords to get in your way. The RightAngle is the world’s first triple-blind charging cord. Here's what that means: The USB-A end will plug into the wall, car or computer in either direction. No more having to line-up the end to be able to plug it in, either way works. That's one double-blind The charging tip will plug into an iPhone and other lightning devices in either direction, that's the second double-blind The same charging tip will plug into most Androids and Micro-USB devices in either direction as well, that's the third double-blind Thus, the world’s first triple-blind charging cord! People love the fact that our cords charge iPhone Lightning products as well as their drones, GoPro, portable charging packs, game controllers, Bluetooth devices and much, much more all on one tip and one cord. ROUGH & TOUGH Construction Materials and Rugged Design Carbon coated stainless spring steel with PVC insulation. The flexible spring steel puts the tension on the outside of the cord instead of the wires inside The zinc alloy tip at a 90-degree angle, or RightAngle: takes a lot of the pressure off the tip. It more securely rests in your cup holder going down the road, or on your chest or stomach as you're laid back in your favorite recliner or couch Copper wiring that has been tinned to resist water damage The cord is also fray and wear resistant VIRTUALLY PET PROOF We all love our pets! But we hate when they chew our charging cords! The Cords of Steel stainless steel spring metal design makes our cord virtually pet proof!